visaCivilized business partnership, mutually advantageous cooperation is not only an effective outcome and interest (margin) but also “comfort money”, i.e. safe and regular financial flows. Such cooperation became a basis of our work, in which all the priority and fundamental solutions (step by step hiring abroad or getting a residence permit, the key positions and selectivity) are given under the strict control of the Customer.
In the proposed scheme and its expense items, the financial loading and a full-scale financial responsibility is taken for the budget cycle of the organization. Consequently, the customer pays for the agreed services upon their performance and at the beginning of their comfortable use.

A new approach to hiring abroad

The exclusivity of this technique is explained by the mutual responsibility of two planning parties and compulsory confidentiality of practices as well as working levers of record management that directly provide the opportunity for further development of large-scale projects by the Customer and often even the artistic unions of their representatives.
It is this cooperation you can make with our organization by issuing a one-time contract of improving and functional quality rising of the efficiency of your everyday work as well as everyday life.
Work abroad, material wealth, the prospects for further development as a financial and geographical comfort – the visa hall, residency, resettlement programs are the main points in the course of their execution shall be prepaid by the Customer in the amount as previously agreed.

An integrated approach, including a residency

No surprises or know-how, only clear tariffication and the fan of perspectives suggested and methods of their solution.
The only set condition of our programs is working from scratch. We do not undertake corrective actions, interest relief, modification and removal of ones defects.


Consultation, choosing of customer, the processing of related educational and other forms of compulsory documents, employment (residency and further citizenship).
The total scope of services is based on the close coordination and prolonged action of various, often inter-arms and jumps, which in combination provide a clear framework of arrangement guaranteed points, seals and signatures.
One order provides you with the possibility to gain a complete package of a successful clerk, businessman, and creative personality.
People address to us in in a staged manner – firstly by one, then bring your friends, loved ones, subsequently close relatives and even parents come to the consultations for a guaranteed assistance.
For ourselves – we work for you!

Company founder Cliff Rowling.