Kingdom of Belgium – Immigration, work in Belgium

Belgium is one of the best European countries to start your own business and live. Also, it’s easier to get a permanent residence permit here, and subsequently become a citizen. State economy is based on development of the industrial branch with innovative agriculture (around 40% of industrial products are exported). Belgium is one of the world leaders exporting ferrous and non-ferrous metals and also a major European exporter of coal. Moreover, it has Antwerp – the third largest port in Europe (giving way only to Rotterdam and Hamburg).

Economy and social level of life in Belgium are rather high and relatively stable even as compared to other EU countries. The country is a member to 70 international organizations, including OECD, NATO, European Economic Community and European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Its capital – Brussels – is where you will find job in Belgium with our assistance. As NATO and EC headquarters are located in the city, it is considered one of the EU capitals with strong international landmarks.

Strict immigration policy aimed at thorough and qualified selection of immigrants (from non-EU countries) willing to immigrate to Belgium is only natural and reasonable. Essential norms of the policy are gathered in the 1974 Law designed to close the country for immigrants, namely the immigrants from non-EU countries. Do not get desperate though – if you are from a non-EU country, our high-qualified specialists will help you. We are ready to provide a wide range of services to assist you in obtaining permanent residence in Belgium and finding an official job with a full package of social benefits.

Belgium – Immigration

Let’s see why the country is so popular with immigrants:

  1. Favourable investment climate, tax preference, a larger number of treaties to prevent double taxation
  2. A chance to travel around Schengen zone visa-free
  3. A chance to become a Belgian subject while preserving your first citizenship (only a part of developed countries allow double citizenship)
  4. General stability of the country and law crime level
  5. Relatively low price for real estate
  6. Economic stability of the country

Belgian legislation has certain programs under which an immigrant can obtain a permanent residence permit or even citizenship.

  • Marriage with a Belgian citizen
  • Applying for asylum (refugees)
  • Launching one’s own business (open joint-stock association)
  • Employment through hiring in Belgium
  • Naturalization.

The following are deemed the most efficient methods of obtaining permanent residence or citizenship

If you want to apply for one of the above programs on your own, be aware of all the peculiarities of the immigration process. Weigh up your knowledge and possibilities, as even high-qualified specialists experience difficulties with getting a job in Belgium due to local competition and multiple bureaucratic requirements.

Employment through hiring:

An immigrant signs a contract with a Belgian employer, receives a job, earns salary and pays taxes. In 3 years he has the right to apply for citizenship.

Launching one’s own business (open joint-stock association):

In order to launch your own business (open a company), you as a founder have to prove legal nature of the funds used to acquire or open business. The company has to function officially in Belgium and pay taxes on the regular basis (according to Belgian legislation, not less than 30%). An important aspect of this program is creation of new work positions.

Belgian government is combatting the 12% unemployment rate and thus requires from the immigrants willing to start their own business to create at least two job positions (an accountant and a manager) for Belgian residents. Compliant with all the above rules, the government will provide you with a Belgian permanent residence permit for 1 year. If you keep fulfilling the requirements thoroughly, the permit will be prolonged, and 3 years later you will be able to apply for Belgian citizenship.


The main guideline here is Belgian Citizenship Law as of 23 June 1984 (as amended on 1 March 2010). Its Chapter 5 is devoted to “Acquiring Belgian citizenship through naturalization”.
One should know that naturalization is a benefit from the federal legislative authority, namely the King and the Chamber of Representatives.
In order to receive this benefit, you have to meet certain requirements. Article 19 of the Law specifies two of them:

  1. 18 or older
  2. Uninterrupted residence in the Kingdom of Belgium for at least three years and preservation of this situation through the entire naturalization procedure (for immigrants recognized as refugees in Belgium or for persons without citizenship the term of residence is limited to 2 years).

Belgium is a beautiful European country that offers people living in its territory an opportunity to travel visa-free all over Western Europe, and to its residence – to 127 countries of the world. The number of immigrants to Belgium grows by year, and according to the latest OECD data, 80 000 foreigners immigrated in 2012.

If you are thinking about this promising country, our specialists are ready to provide you with high-qualified assistance on immigration matters, such as employment and obtaining a residence permit.

We will find an individual approach to your immigration process.