Immigration in the Great Britain – employment, residence permit

The UK is one of the most developed countries in terms of high technology, design and creative business approach, which is backed-up by governmental policy aimed to keep leading positions in science and research areas. Therefore, more and more people are willing to get a permanent residence permit to live in the UK. The country is also in the course of economic development, which results in its leading European positions and more innovative companies attracted from all over the world, especially those with high added value working in IT and communications, medicine and biology, innovative mechanical engineering, as well as science and research. Owing to this policy, new vacancies open for qualified specialists and thus increase one’s chance for high-level employment in the United Kingdom.

International experts believe that the UK offers the best banking environment, not to mention that its capital is one of the largest bank business centres with a huge number of bank institutions from all over the world. High competition on the financial market translates into highly qualified bank personnel that values honesty, professionalism and respect to clients. Thus, more and more well qualified bank workers consider immigration to London as a prospect of successful career development.

Back in 1906, practical British politicians provided a system of social support and protection caring for health and education of UK citizens, and in 2014 the country was in the top-20 of 194 states competing in the area of social protection of citizens and residents.

Virtually every British employee has to provide his or her employees with private healthcare, dentistry insurance, regular medical examination and services, the right to purchase company’s stocks at a lower price, corporate discounts and a company vehicle.
It is quite obvious why the UK is so attractive for immigrants, as it boasts of economic stability with comprehensive legislative system and multiple social guarantees like the freedom of employment, preserving the citizenship, tax discounts and visa-free entry to 180 countries. There is no doubt that living in the UK is a guarantee of a stable and happy life for an immigrant.

Immigration in the Great Britain

However, the path is quite challenging, as British government has strict, bureaucratic and rather complicated immigration policy. All immigration issues are regulated by international low, in particular, Geneva Convention as of 1951 and its protocols.

Plenty of people have tried applying for permanent residence in the Great Britain on their own. In many cases, such endeavours fail. However, we are ready to solve these issues by appealing to an immigration court and using the help of qualified lawyers to prove (based on facts) that you were refused a visa by mistake, that the officer failed to regard certain circumstances or even violated your rights. Before you decide to immigrate to the UK on your own, take some time to think it through. How much time, energy and resources will it cost? What is the chance of success?

We are ready to take over your immigration process and provide the full package of services to get best results up to becoming a UK citizen or work abroad.
We work to choose the best option for every client, and most of them are eligible for receiving permanent residence permit and work in the UK using one of the following visa types:

  • Tier1 (investor) Visa
  • Tier1 (Entrepreneur) Visa
  • Sole representative of overseas company Visa
  • Tier2 (General) Visas
  • Tier1 (Exception Talent) Visa
  • Tier4 (Student) Visas
  • Parent of a child at school visitor Visa
  • Marriage Visa
  • Unmarried Partner Visa
  • Fiance/Fiancee Visa.

We look forward to providing you with our qualified assistance and consults on any immigration matter.