United Kingdom – Parent of child at school visa

Parent of child at school visa is designed for parents willing to look after their children while they’re being educated in British private schools. There are a few requirements set for applicants:

  • A child under 12 years old
  • Education of a child in a private UK school listed in the Register of Education and Training Providers
  • An applicant has to possess sufficient funds to pay tuition and support himself and the child while in Britain

A person arriving to Britain under the Parent of child at school visa is not allowed to work or apply for financial aid to state services in case of financial crisis.

Parent of child at school visa has 1 year duration subject to extension.
If a child is educated in a full boarding school, application for Parent of child at school is prohibited. In this case one should apply for General Visitor (family visitor) visa, which provides an opportunity to visit a child studying in Britain.

Parent of child at school visa

The following documents are required for Parent of child at school visa application:

  • A school certificate to confirm the applicant’s child being educated in Britain.
  • A document to confirm the age of the child and his or her direct relationship with the applicant
  • Strong evidence of the applicant’s ties with his or her country such as citizenship, possession of movable and immovable property, as well as family relationships.
  • Evidence (bank statement) to confirm availability of funds on the applicant’s private bank account as of 3-6 months before applying. The amount available shall cover all costs of the parent and the child for the entire visa duration.

The visa has nothing to do with immigration to the Great Britain.