New Zealand – work permit, citizenship

New Zealand is one of the best countries for immigration, which is easily proved by 50 000 immigrants receiving residence permits annually. New Zealand government took care of the immigrants willing to work in the country with a rather high social and economic level of life. Immigrants with higher education are appreciated, and so to attract them, the governmental authorities are creating new job positions and offering options to receive a residence permit.

Of course, higher education and qualification are very important for newly arrived immigrants. However, less qualified specialists are not forgotten as well.

Individual conditions were arranged for those willing to work in New Zealand: general work visas, various investments, family reunification or studies.

Recently, the government has made the immigration requirements stricter: now an applicant should receive a job offer from a New Zealand employer before he can apply for permanent residence. Therefore, you have either to produce a labor contract signed for a relevant position, or to possess relevant experience. This is what makes working in New Zealand so attractive for immigrants from various countries, as they have a real chance to qualify for a permanent residence permit.


In order to receive a visa, immigrants should be tested and assigned a certain score for their qualifications. Don’t worry though – with our help you will easily pass the bottom barrier of 29 points. The following criteria are considered:

  • age,
  • education,
  • mountain work experience,
  • job offer in New Zealand,
  • mandatory knowledge of English

Let’s start with the first requirement. The age of the applicants ranges between 24 and 44 years old, which is explained by the fact that an immigrant should have a degree and at least a few years of relevant work experience. Also, these age criteria are specified in labor contracts.

Your occupation, experience and qualification are evaluated and assigned a certain score, depending on how much your profession is in demand. Persons with more popular occupations get a higher score, such as doctors, programmers and engineers. Also, you can add 8 more points by producing a labor contract signed with a New Zealand employer. Governmental authorities check authenticity of the diploma in the Education Ministry’s archives with due care.
You must speak English as confirmed by an IELTS certificate stating 6.5 points out of 9. The only exception is residents of the countries where English is a state language.

A candidate for any job in New Zealand has to produce a so-called Assessment Report by a qualified commission, which proves compliance of his degree. Also, in order to sign a labor contract, one has to produce documents confirming work experience and preferably some reference letters in English.

With our qualified assistance you will no doubt get your permanent residence permit to live in New Zealand. But this is still not everything! A pleasant bonus is that upon 3 years spent in one of NZ cities, immigrants can apply for citizenship and explore new opportunities, living and working without any limitations and inconvenience.