Australia – score calculator

You are assigned a score to identify whether you meet the specified criteria and qualification requirement under the categories. Your professional quality: you are assigned a score for your specialty occupation, evaluated by a competent Australian professional association. You have to prove (by relevant documents) that your labour activity was related to your degree.

Evaluation of skills:

  1. Majority of occupations requiring special education –60 *
  2. Majority of general occupations –50 **
  3. Other occupations – 40 ***

* – To receive 60 points, you must have a degree or a professional certificate and experience in the corresponding field meeting the Australian standard. In rare cases professional experience can be deemed equivalent to higher education and accepted by an Australian professional association.

** – To receive 50 points, your education has to be equivalent to at least a bachelor’s degree obtained in an Australian university; however, it does not apply to all occupations.

*** – To receive 40 points, you must have skills equivalent to an Australian bachelor’s degree or a higher degree; however, it does not apply to all occupations.

We strongly recommend you to review the Australian Skilled Occupations List (SOL) to make sure that your profession is eligible. Also, you need to know what score is assigned for your occupation.

Before submitting all the documents required for an Australian immigration visa, your qualification, education and work experience will be evaluated by a relevant and specially authorized professional association of Australia. The certificate to confirm successful completion of this procedure, along with other required documents, should be attached to your Immigration Visa Petition.

You have to provide the association with a specific description of your work duties fulfilled at the corresponding moment or shortly before that. It is essential to prove that your work activity is directly associated with your degree, and also that your work duties comply with Australian standards.


The score is assigned depending on your age:

  • 18-29 years old – 30 points
  • 30-34 years old – 25 points
  • 35-39 years old – 20 points
  • 40-44 years old – 15 points

Your age should be confirmed (e.g. by a birth certificate)

Knowledge of English

An English language certificate should be attached to the documents. This requirement is abolished for native speakers residing in English speaking countries.

You are required fluent knowledge of English at the following levels:

  1. Professional level (You have to speak conversational English and be able to communicate in any life situation) – 15 points;
  2. Competent level (You have to understand and speak advanced English) – 20 points.

Experience in a certain field

Work experience in a certain field requirement differs from the requirement to provide information about your recent work activity. Its assigned score is different and depends on several factors, mainly on the scores received for specialty occupation and the time of work in the corresponding field.

  1. If you were assigned 60 points for your specialty occupation and worked at least 3 years in the corresponding field within 4 years before applying for an immigration visa – 10 points;
  2. If you worked at least 3 years in the corresponding field within 4 years before applying for an immigration visa – 5 points.
In-demand specialists

In-demand specialists (with a job invitation) represent main occupations wanted by employers at the Australian market. If your occupation is on the Migration Occupations in Demand List, then you receive extra points. Also, extra points are assigned for a job invitation from an Australian employer.

  1. A wanted specialist without a job invitation – 10 points;
  2. A wanted specialist with a job invitation – 15 points.

Before you submit documents for an immigration visa, you need to find out whether your occupation is truly in demand and on the Migration Occupations in Demand List. If you were offered a job related to your occupation, you will also need a written notification thereof from your future Australian employer.

Australian qualification

You can earn extra points by getting your qualification in Australia (at least a year of study):

  1. One academic year in Australia (a diploma) or higher qualification – 5 points;
  2. Upper second class Honours degree or/and Australian bachelor’s degree – 10 points;
  3. Australian master’s degree following a bachelor’s degree – 10 points;
  4. Australian PhD received after 2 years of uninterrupted full-time studies – 15 points.

Before submitting documents for an immigration visa, you have to procure a confirmation (notarized copy) of your qualification, provided that you meet all essential requirements. Note that you are eligible for extra points only if you graduated from an Australian higher educational establishment within 6 months before applying for an immigration visa.

Bonus points

Bonus points are assigned for investing capital in Australian economy, broad qualified work experience in Australia and solid knowledge of the language of a certain ethnic community living in Australia (excluding English).

Bonus points:

  • Investment in Australian economy – 5 points;
  • Australian work experience – 5 points;
  • Knowledge of the language of a certain ethnic community – 5 points.
Skills of a spouse

You can receive extra points in case your spouse meets key requirements and has passed the procedure of qualification evaluation:

  1. If applicable – 5 points.

Before submitting documents for an immigration visa, you have to confirm that your spouse meets the main criteria and has received a positive notification from the corresponding professional association of Australia.

Family living in Australia

You can receive extra points if your family member (an Australian citizen or a permanent resident) is willing to finance your arrival and support you financially for a while after you arrive to Australia. This exception applies only if you or your spouse is a child, a parent, a sibling, a nephew or a niece of the family member living in Australia.

  1. If applicable – 15 points.
Passing score

In order to immigrate under Skilled Independent category, you have to be assigned a required score. Please, take note of the required scores for the following categories:

  1. Skilled Sponsored immigration – 110-120 points;
  2. Skilled Independent immigration – 110-120 points.

Please, check the required score at the moment of submission in order to make sure that the essential requirements haven’t changed.