Assured hiring

Any initial stage of an individual image-building (hiring, personal work activities, licensing, immigration and education at prestigious universities of the worldwide level) means a starting point for the development and growth, reinforcement of the basis, building of a network with more branches for the analytics of the future. Both men and women in such solutions are oriented first of all at the integrity and transparency of the business environment which is required to be explored for career progress, new functional capabilities of business and personal life as well, focusing on the influence areas, leisure activities and reliable platforms of personal attitude to the world around them.
In human society welfare is defined uniquely by the availability of an official complex of social and civil guarantees, family and personal life stationary values.
The achievement of such heights by normal, standard methods is often possible only by the efforts of entire generations, families, and dynasties, perfectly correct control and watch-based methods of paperwork management based on the collective business layout where all the leading and essential roles have already been distributed.
Independent individual development is extremely limited and hardly available even for talented applicants in modern society as it provides for a required educational level, the image of the person held, fixed business competency, comprehensive summary of positive and even confirmed grounds of civil as well as religious values, purity of biography etc.

work abroad

The worldwide leading recruiting agencies, labor markets, centers and hiring agencies, employment offices, migration and consultation centers, staffing agencies, special units of employers carry professional diagnosis of specialists based on the abovementioned statements – warranties of business and civil safety principles of everyday life and further development upon cooperation with promising employee adapted to a challenging position.
The slightest non-conformances and even common mistakes of the past will easily close the way for a lot of people to the building of a secured promising future as well as personal and family growth.
The main, multi-staged function of our corporate activity is performing for the customer a complete cycle of image implementation of hiring and profitable future of full-scale civil complexes of social guarantees.

With our assistance you will get a legal diploma of a prestigious educational establishment, the University of the accelerated form of educational study – externship with a list of specialties from a section (third page), in addition to these documents, official confirmation of your competency from both the pedagogical scientific personnel of the university and the employers in the lists which teams you are to be officially registered in all official inspections as an employee who has passed legal working practice and proved himself as a promising candidate in the aspects of corporate standards and integrity, business ethics and professional competence.
All these facts and certifications submitted with our help to various establishments and agencies, will provide a confirmed by long-term experience guarantee of hiring or licensing in all places of the worldwide community, further training with a residency, temporary residency status, and social benefits, in the European Union, United States and Canada.

Our specialists solve even such difficult issues as some noncompliance to the required age (21-49 years) of our candidates in achieving a positive result in the negotiations with employers or emigration services, preparations positive test modes of the customer knowledge, his knowledge of the state language on the territory of the employer as well as approved information on adaptability, i.e. the presence of any circumstances that contribute to the rapid integration of the applicant in the community.

We help our customers to obtain temporary residence status in the above countries or a residency which are issued without any problems on the basis of the legalized diploma got with our assistance and other documents abovementioned if the customer wishes to undergo further study in countries he is interested in.