Tools of success

Competent first step in delivering progress and, finally, success in mastering not an easy path to pass for challenging employment, professional growth, legal residence in the developed countries of the civilized world, such as USA, Canada, European Union, etc. with the presence of legitimate social benefits (standards) and rights is preparation and drawing up of a set of documents approving the possibility of a nominee to seek the significant roles of society as a whole, market segments, various productive or technological forms of scientific or medical activities, sport, culture and art.
Any self-respecting employer, licensed organization, directly or through information worldwide support services of the well-known companies such as the US Green Card, Blue Card EU, different national labor exchanges, etc. ask about fundamental issues of security cooperation, as well as further analytics of an applicant for a vacancy.

Our services are aimed to attract highly educated professionals in the European Union and the United States, any country in the world, guaranteedly confirming to employer that you are a promising applicant capable to contribute to the development of the reputation of his company or organization as a whole.
Using these features, you become a qualified and motivated applicant for the most challenging projects, employers and other forms of partnership of global development community.

Secure computerized system for the association of employers and applicants where by using our services you can take the best, dominating position.
Higher education ISCED 1997 levels 5a and 6 received and legalized with our assistance, confirmed and passed all stages of regulation and monitoring of the parties concerned, official resume, as well as the characteristics of documents confirming the practice and experience, extract from the criminal record, moreover, in many positions and conditions the state of health is required, clearly prove that your qualification is authorized and issued by the competent educational or other official establishments and in general you, the applicant, could not be more beneficial to the employer, rather than the other candidates.


The most responsible approach to business cooperation based on long-term practice and rich experience has formed our main priority, the foundation of which is not just a processing followed by legalization of educational documents (diplomas, certificates) for successful labor practice in any organization in the world but as well a form of integrated services in consultations, analysis, verification of legal schemes for employment or licensing, the use of different models and options to achieve the goals has become our motive force.

To do this, we try to study in detail a business model for our customer and to issue recommendations for its optimization, then, by cooperated efforts to implement the identified forms of the project.
At the beginning of joint activities with the customer we define the content and scope of the acquired education with our help to comply with the standards applicable in the employer’s educational systems and programs.

Thereafter, pursuant to the recommendations and wishes of the customer, we prepare and customize (process and legalize) a complete package of clearly verified documents to comply with educational level, social standards and even summary characteristics of the Customer. Further, this package is submitted for consideration of the Employer or displayed on a variety of high-status electronic exchanges of the world community. At the same time, we may act even as representatives of the Customer to authorized persons of the employer, licensing authorities.
We guarantee positive results of all tests as well as further practice both the applicant and the educational documents, papers and other information carriers processed with our assistance.
We offer for sale the complete forms of university diplomas which clearly meet the high standards of rating agencies, such as:
1. Webometrics, for employers and applicants – Webometrics Ranking of World Universities
2. The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) – “Times Higher Education World University Rankings”
3. Quacguarelli Symonds LTD – “QS World University Rankings”
Moreover, cannot but offer the academic rating of the world best universities which is widely known as:
4. Shanghai rating “The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)”.

Even the fact that since 2010 the THES has been working by new methods, our organization efficiently adapted to these schemes of worldwide percentage ratios and indicators (individual for each university or other training organization in the world diploma processed with our help).

A lot of bureaucracies of civilized countries by the complexity of passing the procedures may seem intimidating blocks, such as the use of forms of “professions regulated by law” – which require the permission from government establishments (for other professions sufficient consent of the employer is applicable)
Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, psychotherapists, engineers, aid-men, nurses, and many other professions are REGULATED BY LAW.

Persons willing to work by these specialties in civilized countries are required to pass test of a personal nature as well as the compliance of their diploma with a similar qualification in the region of the employer.
Due to our company, your diplomas and other educational documents received will be obviously comply with all the requirements and you will not have to spend more time and money to obtain missing components – training to improve the skills.

We have collected and systematized the materials of the international community on the regional features of receiving approval for the profession of a medical specialist and other health care providers (nurses, aid-men to care for sick and elderly).
Assistance in the provision of integrated services for acquisition of educational documents both for employment and also for further visa processing (residence permit) as well obtaining licenses for various activities.
Licenses with the requirement of professional education:

  1. Consulting in the field of health and law, the European Union and the United States
  2. Telecommunications and Information Technologies
  3. IP-telephony
  4. Cellular networks

Assistance to make a positive decision for adoption to the production in programs of individual countries, such as France in Europe, the Middle East monarchies by the restrictions on access to employment or licensing related to the personality of the applicant, national, and even the past, in some cases – sex of an applicant.